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Find us: 628 Wakefield Rd, Waterloo, Huddersfield, HD5 8PZ | Call: 01484 453 833

Eye Care


For adults, an eye check at least every 2 years is advisable for everybody of any age or mobility. Home visits within the area can be arranged.

At Dr Stella Griffiths Optician you will receive a full and thorough test and we conduct both NHS (free) and private eye tests.

An eye check is a vital examination of the health of your eyes. As well as asking about your medical history, we will check all aspects of your vision, your focus and advise you whether you may need spectacles or contact lenses.

A new NHS service is now available for anyone who feels they have a New Eye Problem. Such as red/itchy eyes, foreign body in the eye, "floaters" in the eye and so on. You don't have to see the doctor first. Contact us at Waterloo and we will often see you that day. This service is free of charge and you do not have to be one of our patients.

If you do need referral on to your Doctor or an Ophthalmologist this will be arranged promptly.


At Waterloo we have the very latest equipment. We can scan through all layers of the eye and optic nerve and analyse the data(called OCT). We also have a specialist digital camera that will take greatly magnified photos of your eyes. Almost anyone can have a photo taken and it is a fast and reliable technique.

This photo shows the back of the inside of an eye. The background red/orange colour is the retina. You can also see a pink/yellow coloured disc which is the optic nerve, and lots of red blood vessels.

Come and have an eye check and look at the inside of your own eye!

Dry Eyes & Itchy Eyes

There is an inflammation of the eye lids called “Blepharitis” and it is very common.

It can make your eyelid and lashes red and crusty and your eyes feel irritated and itchy. You can also get burning, soreness and stinging of your eyes.

In severe cases you may lose eye lashes and you can develop small ulcers and styes.

Blepharitis can be treated effectively using several techniques including hot flannels or an Eye Bag.

Artificial Tears (Dry Eye Drops) are also often a good idea. Watch this video for more information and contact us at Waterloo if you need more information/leaflets or to buy an Eye Bag.

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Find Us:

628 Wakefield Road

Call: 01484 453 833

Opening Times:


9:15am - 5.30pm


9:15am - 5.30pm


9:15am - 1.00pm


9:15am - 5.30pm


9:15am - 5.30pm


9:15am - 1.00pm



Closed 1pm to 2pm for lunch

Parking available at the rear

Contact Us:

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